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They are profitable, swag (something we all get) and have stood the test of time. Promotional products are an easy way to promote your brand and each day attract the attention of potential clients.

Not only will you benefit from increased visibility and please your current and potential customers, you will by the same token promote your products and services with attractive and durable items that represent you as a company.

By using advertising products, the company automatically projects to a larger public. Your key messages, information and your brand will increase the recognition of your company.

Whether you’re a big or small firm, promotional products can really be a versatile tool for you. 
As a full-fledged media in an ever-changing market, it has been repeatedly proven by many profitable organizations that this marketing strategy is effective and has a success rate on various levels: effectiveness, practical, educational, or simply for pleasure.

Employees enjoy having a sense of belonging and be recognized for their dedication. This is why in addition to offering a wide range of promotional products and apparel, we developed recognition programs. The employer therefore outscores the competition.

To promote an event, run a key message or simply create a sense of belonging, promotional items, personalized apparel and uniform are, to date, the most exploited social networks.
Your company will stand out by simply using a promotional product that represents your business and will discover the power of promotional product.

Established over 60 years ago, Gagnon Levesque Inc. contributed to the expansion of other companies. We offer turnkey programs with quality control followed by an after-sales service second to none. Thanks to our business partners, you can make you benefit from the best deals possible and serve you throughout the country.

Our head office and distribution center are located in Laval. We have showrooms in Sherbrooke, Gatineau and Quebec City. We can therefore ship anywhere in Quebec including Montreal, Ottawa, Lanaudiere, the Laurentians, Mauricie and other regions in Canada such as Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Vancouver as well as the United States.

In addition to being one of the most effective and used marketing tools to develop your company, personalized items are one of the most popular and appreciated means of communication.